Monday, November 19, 2007

wake up call

i just returned from a quick work and play trip to seattle, where my hotel wakeup call was kexp, and it was so... sweet.

i miss good radio.

and good djs

apparently i needed a traipse down memory lane, because the path john in the morning set out led me right back to 1993, a time when i eschewed all of the madness surrounding nirvana, resolute in my complete satisfaction with the smashing pumpkins. what a glorious way to wake up more than a decade later in a strange bed.


Crispin Thurlow said...

Thanks for "traipsing" up so see us - for breaking your bonds with the Bay and giving us some you time. You are, without doubt, simply one of the nicest, most lovely, scrumptious people I know. I miss you still - that must be said. I love you - that much shouldn't need to be said.

david silver said...

i agree with crispin, especially with the scrumptious part.