Friday, November 02, 2007

i am succulent

today i exclaimed to a stranger, "i am giving, and i am succulent."

what was i doing? ordering lunch, of course. cafe gratitude's hippie-inspired veggie/vegan menu is filled with such proclamations, and when the waiter didn't hear one of my orders, he said, "you are what?" priceless.

the only part that was remarkable about this moment was that i was able to stifle my giggling, and look the waiter straight in the eye with my lunch order.

more awkward, was the response a guy nearby gave to the austere question of the day, "what would you thank your ancestors for?"

he said, "well, i guess i'd thank them for my good hair!"

i wish i had a photo of this dude. think disco stu, only less disco and more cool urban with cell phone. needless to say, he didn't fit the profile of a cafe gratitude regular, and the waiter laughed with him, while retreating backwards...


jini said...

next time, we should eat there. succulent????

becky said...

dood! i'm commenting on your blog! did i tell you that i went back and ate there alone when i was in sf? remember when we didn't have time to eat there the first time? i can't remember what i was but i was probably a a goddess of love and harmony, or something.

sarah said...


so nice to hear from you through cyberspace from so far away!

i thought of you when i wrote this post, mon amie. you didn't tell me that you went back, and of COURSE you were a goddess of amour.