Wednesday, October 03, 2007

bookmobile in the news

today i found an article in the north coast journal about the bookmobile tour.

it was our second-to-last day on the road, and our third stop of the day. we were beat, and we were demo'ing how to make books to adults drinking beers (hell, WE were drinking beers!) at a wi-fi fund raiser for the humboldt county library.

whilst all of this was transpiring, a friendly journalist stopped by to pick our exhaustion-drained brains on what we were doing with a tricked out bookmobile parked on the lawn near a beer tent.

she captured some of it in her story.

for pics of the tour, check out this out.

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Jay Fienberg said...

That's very cool. I'll have to ask my friends in Humboldt if they saw the story - The North Coast Journal is the big time there :-)