Thursday, May 17, 2007

dancing on the ceiling

last night i went to a dance performance at the san francisco international airport, a kickoff to the san francisco international arts festival. the dance troupe hung from the airport's super-tall ceilings, danced on platforms, and were surrounded by large-screen video projected in several directions.

the setting was surreal; people were getting on and off planes, travelling to distant corners of the world. typical airport noises broke through the music at times, and the revolving door continued to spin. what were the luggage-laden wanderers thinking? this is san francisco? people suspend from metal houses strung from the ceiling?

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ig said...

that's neat!

for a long time i've wanted to see Butoh dancers dance through the airport. They are the ones that paint their bodies white and lips red and move very slowly. sometimes they even drool. i thought that it would be a cool juxtaposition against the rushing crowds.

this kind of reminds me of that idea. something completely different in a place where movement is so prescribed.