Saturday, April 14, 2007

music enters

the past week i've had jazz tunes on my mind. consistently.

it all started with hearing our neighbor across the street on his banjo. on sunny days, he sits on his stoop playing old time tunes, getting better with each session.

hearing his expanding repetoire and what i imagine to be joy in his progress, i thought of my own journey as a musician, and was hit by the sudden need to create. i pulled my flutes off their dusty shelf, found my fakebook, and begain to play.

funny how it all comes back--mostly.

later in the week the tunes were still swirling in my head, so i downloaded some favorites.

the music hasn't yet stopped.

1 comment:

jini said...

weird. i had a dream last night about jazz with joey and tony. you were tootling somewhere and had 'that' look in your eyes.
i was wondering if you had tony's tapes with you and marveling yet again at his generosity in preparing them for you.
keep the music going please. i love it. :)