Wednesday, April 04, 2007

craft buddies calling me

yesterday i received a delicious call.

"hi, what's your dog's name?"
"uh, i don't have a dog."
"what's the name of the dog in the photo?"
"oh, yeah, it's 'mr. sato.' make sure you include the 'mr" beause that's his name."

turns out that a wonderfully playful photograph from my stitch night is being considered for the grand prize in a photo contest at work.

and then, today a colleague wrote me from a conference on the east coast with this message, "i just met your friend karen."

my world is so small. turns out they somehow realized the connection of me. excellent.


kq said...

wait sarah i am confused. is that you? is that nene in costume for april fools? is that your computer? i think that it may be a pattern of yours? but, huh?

sarah said...

hi kq!

here's the deets:

1. no, it's my buddy karen
2. that's mr. sato, a puerto rican street dog, whose owner is another buddy of mine
3. no april fools
4. karen was making what is commonly known as sarah's f@*!ing robe. she was having difficulties with the pattern, so she went online for assistance. mr. sato decided to join her. nice, huh?

jini said...

that's funny. i thought i recognized the f@*!ing robe pattern in karen's hand! it turned out so well after all the angst!
nene masquerading as mr s is a great idea for next year tho!