Monday, February 05, 2007

i start next week.


after much searching (soul, surf, and classifieds) i enter the world of meetings and breakrooms next week!

come monday, i'll be jumping with glee into the land of libraries, helping a local non-profit spark participation in a new project that aims to help libraries maintain their technology. the exciting, and really smart goal of this project is to cull best practices and stories from libraries across the US and Canada, and then broadcast these tips and tricks back out into the field.

i'm totally excited.



david silver said...


sounds like a dream job sarah.


RyanT said...

They are lucky to get you.

Here's something to think about: When I started my current job, I had a very deliberate and specific entry strategy for how I wanted to be seen within the company. I talked it over with my boss and got her support, and that focus has been super effective in helping me shape the job into what I wanted it to be. Starting a new job is a huge opportunity to reset direction, in lots of ways.

Good luck!

Lee LeFever said...

We have to talk about this when I get there. I'm talking to the Compumentor folks too! :-)

sarah said...

interest: piqued.

get here already!