Saturday, February 24, 2007

good stuff brewing

last night i told my friend shinjoung that so far, i love my job, and that starting work right now was perfect timing: i've had time off, i've done some cool things, and i've taken advantage of my time to get to know my new home better. on my second day of work the muni trains came to a halt. as i happened to be commuting home, two options were presented: sit or move. i chose the latter, exchanging my comfort zone for an uncharted street, armed with the confidence of an enthusiastic public transport user and experienced city wanderer. as expected, the buses were packed and tourists and residents were aimless and aimful, respectively. i opted for one of the historic streetcars--preferring a more civilized trip--and reflected on how my decision to delay work after arriving informed my current state.

(pretty dang happy)

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