Friday, January 12, 2007

npr sound bites

i listen to public radio a lot. driveway moments where i can't pull myself away from the radio are common. today was no exception, i just wanted to record a few gems floating in my head.

--a young commentator for the youth speaks show talked about james brown and his death influencing record funk sales at amazon. he admitted this response made him hopeful that more people might appreciate and understand what funk is. he then offered that perhaps he doesn't even know what it is, really, because growing up he thought if something was funky it smelled bad.

--during a discussion of scientific funding (and the lack thereof) on science friday, someone posited that if washington d.c. were on the san andreas fault or in hurricane alley, more awareness and resources might flow to those areas, and our nation might operate a bit differently.

--in an alley of the gritty sf tenderloin district, an artist spends one day a month mending clothes people bring for free.

--and the other day i heard an excellent interview on fresh air where terri gross spoke with the lead singer of franz ferdinand on rockin', touring, and his new book--a collection of columns he wrote for the guardian about eating on the road.

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