Monday, December 18, 2006

how cable rots our minds and other pleasures

we spent this past weekend with david's family, his mom, and her cable television. 100 or so channels in her guest room allowed us to catch up on celebrity goss, learning all about the bazillions brittany was earning whilst k-fed pranced around donning ridiculous hats and baggy pants. ask us any question and we'll amaze you with answers more inane than expected.

i digress. the reason for our visit was not to fill our feeble minds with useless information--that was an unexpected and uninteresting perk. we travelled southward to celebrate hanukkah with the family, which meant giggles, screams, and pure happiness for the adults as we watched the little munchkins expose their loot. one of my true pleasures was sewing and chatting with one of the boys, and then welcoming the remaining three to create a circle of treasure creation. what fun!

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