Friday, December 22, 2006


after experiencing the 2nd earthquake of the week, i decided to read up on what we're supposed to do in such a situation. turns out there's not much one can do, but i appreciated learning about dropping and holding--haven't tried that yet. tonight's quake was the first time david and i actually reacted in a way that resembled responsiblity: we hurried to a doorway, and david placed my hot tea on the table.

afterwards, we debriefed about what we could have done differently. david suggested not taking anything--like hot tea--to the doorway. i agreed that was a smart idea. :) also, i wasn't wearing shoes, and remembered from my years of tornado training that one should always have a pair nearby in case of broken glass or other dangerous disaster products.

all said, learning about what to do eased my mind a bit. they really are scary, but certainly easier to take than tornados.

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