Tuesday, November 14, 2006

respect to jt

last night while david and i were getting our celeb fix on E or Extra, or something like that, i witnessed something remarkable.

paparazzi were trailing justin timberlake, trying to get his views on his ex-girlfriend's divorce (brittany spears). without even looking at the camera, he responded,

"did you know there's a war in iraq?"

amazing. this was not a press conference, a well-oiled soundbite, or a psa. this was a celebrity, smart enough to understand the outrageousness of paid chumps hounding him to get the scoop on a pop star's private life, while people are dying and the empire is crumbling.

never thought i'd say this, but props out to the former boy band singer.


david silver said...

yeah, exactly.

two things.

first, um, i wasn't watching extra! you were watching it and was like um sitting on the couch petting nene.

second, it's cool to note that jt said this a LONG time ago - during the time when he and brittany broke up and, more importantly, during a time when few people and even fewer celebrities would say anything critical about the war.

good stuff.

sarah said...

so like, um, were YOU watching extra! back then when jt and brittany broke up, too???


jini said...

well i would say that i know two people and one cat who were watching extra. i feel that i cannot make a further comment at this time. :)