Thursday, October 26, 2006

love, remembered

tonight i attended my first training to become a literacy tutor in the public schools. i loooooved it. as soon as strategies were discussed and modeled, my smile widened. it appears i'll be placed in a school in the haight, and i may be paired with one or two kids a week. i'm really looking forward to it. tonight's experience reminded me how much i enjoy interacting with kids, raising their confidence, and encouraging a lifelong love of reading. it's precious. and fun. and challenging. and rewarding.

and... the free dinner included a dense and sticky peanut butter, jelly, and banana sammie! delish.

and and... on the train home, a friendly rider showed me a cartoon in the new yorker and we enjoyed a good laugh together.

what a nice night!

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jini said...

aha, the eager reader has re-awakened. onward!!