Sunday, September 10, 2006

sunday, luscious sunday


sunshine, strolling, sipping.

today is one of those lovely hedonistic days where fulfillment is ripe for the picking and the branches are hung low.

after an early morning rising, we headed out for breakfast, which turned out to be a pleasant experiment in a plantain cake, black beans, and eggs on valencia street. next we strolled around the mission, lollygagging back to our slice of urban retreat at the dog park next door. Urban ensued (with a capital U) as we observed a few folks getting drunk and stoned while egging on a 3 year old to ride his trike.

later, (read: now) i'm reading the ny times, sipping prosecco, and munching on figs and cheese.

ohmygosh what else could be in store?

football :)

1 comment:

david silver said...

mmm, it's hard to top that but i have one suggestion ... pizza!