Wednesday, September 13, 2006

lurker no more

so many people ask me why i'm not a librarian.

it's true, i love libraries, tend to exhort the benefits libraries bestow on society, co-lead an international project for libraries, and in general, spend a good amount of time reading and checking out books.

i also lurk on library listservs. i'm not sure how many i subscribe to, but it's gotta be around 30 or so.

today was different. today i shed my lurker tendencies and posted to a list of alaskan librarians. i couldn't help it--i had an idea of where to find a book they needed! what can i say. maybe i should get an mlis and just do it, already. :)


jini said...

i think that's a brilliant idea - go!
your mother says so!

Lynne Faulk said...

i'm with jini, brilliant idea.

jini said...

thanks for your support lynne! :) although she is nearly perfect as she is, a degree in library science could be the frosting on her cake. ewwwwwww, she likes neither cake nor frosting. how about a perfect lattice crust to her pie????