Thursday, September 07, 2006

i love public transport!

a pair of liberal 60-somethings sit near me, admitting loudly that they're "one of those illegal alien types" and reminisce about better days. i breathe in the cool ocean air. it feels clean. and good.

this is california.
on the beach.
in san francisco.

i took the muni train until it stopped at the west coast today. i'd never traveled in this direction, and saw bright, hipster neighborhoods dotted with cool cafes and chic shops, and dingy, deserted areas where the blanket of fog wrapped tightly around empty sidewalks.

and landed here, at the beach. i sat in the sand, watching surfers. this is my home. (!)

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Michelle said...

So,how long before you're surfing? This seems so lovely -- and so great that the train takes you there.