Tuesday, August 08, 2006

stroll to a movie and sushi on monday night

it was a beautiful night last night. the sky a brilliant blue, the air pleasant, and haight was a little sleepy. i took a few pics of our surroundings. more on flickr!


Jay Fienberg said...

Since you seem committed to eating Sushi every night, you must try:

Grandeho's Kamekyo (cole valley)
Ebisu (inner sunset)
Hama-Ko Sushi (cole valley)

Note, these are listed in order of bestness. So, you should probably start with Grandeho, which is the best. Then go to Ebisu, which is really the best. Then go to Hama-Ko, which is way the bestest.

david silver said...

these bits are gold - thanks jay. we're totally there, all three theres, sarah.