Tuesday, August 29, 2006

seattle is parking mecca

i know what you're thinking, and that's not what i mean.

no, not because seattle is more of a driving town and has more spots. it's because of those forward-thinking city employees entrusted with making parking their focus, their passion.

specifically, it's because i have to deal with this in san francisco:

when i had gotten really comfy with this in seattle:

the seattle parking peeps are more civilized, it's true. inserting a credit card for payment versus having spare change at the ready is a major difference in ease (and frustration!).

i miss the paystations!

plus, since my buddy lynne faulk offered the city of seattle her impressive information design skills and unmistakable talent for making the unclear CLEAR, the paystation is easier to use, and fewer people are flummoxed by the interface. kudos, lynne!

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nance said...

way to go, lynne! and sarah, did you know that "flummoxed" is one of joe's favorite words? you've made him proud.
miss you and thought of you a lot today, sept. 11th. nice work on the mention in Wired :)