Thursday, July 27, 2006

holy web cam!

today i used my new webcam, and chatted up a storm with my mom and dad. it was way cool! unfortunately i couldn't see them (they have a decade-old web cam that's no longer compatible and was never used), but they could see me, and we were all having a good time watching the delay unfold. at one point i unleashed a doozy of a sneeze, and we all got to watch the actual sneeze about 30 sec after they heard it. we all laughed pretty hard.

i was also able to walk around the apartment, giving them a real-time tour!

here's a shout out to all my buddies: if you use a chat client, lemme know, b/c i can set it up so you can see me, and if you have a web cam, even better!

and if someone out there in copenhagen is listening, git yerself to and we'll start having lots of fun!

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jini said...

holy web cam is correct! thanks for the call and the view sarah. it was great to see your new do as well as the new digs.....well, just to SEE you and david. moms do need to see stuff and i got to do that and it was lovely! we are so techy. :) love you, mom