Tuesday, June 20, 2006

slop dinner

i have a confession.

sometimes, i like to prepare food with no recipes, no planning, and no real inspiration, except what i grab quickly from the cabinet or fridge.

i also tend to be pretty messy. when i'm in this mode, it doesn't bother or phase me.

this is what i made tonight:
noodles + yellow bell pepper + greens + fried tofu + toasted walnuts + sea weed + sesame oil + soy sauce + sriracha sauce

= yummy. next time i'll add ginger, too.

now i need to clean the kitchen.


david silver said...

sounds - and looks - delish.

i think it's faze me, not phase me.

sarah said...

wow. you're right. it IS "faze." i never knew that. thanks for teaching me a new word, d. :)

Anonymous said...

i really think i did this before, but it was eaten by the cybermonster. i am so impressed with your inventiveness sarah. you have become an intuitive cook!!! who woulda thunk it. you should be so proud! it sounds delicious by the way....you can cook it for me sometime in a new rendtion of whatever's handy!