Wednesday, June 28, 2006

the giving

i feel as though i can't really commit to this packing thing. i'm not in complete denial, but i wonder if i'm floating on the veneer, dangerously close to diving in.

today, a coworker encouraged me to complete the tasks that seem to weigh on me, both mentally and visually. these tasks include finding a suitable place to donate my extra clothes and technology. i do so want to give them to a place that can use them.

so i took the advice of a dear friend, and called a teen center that she said would LOVE my cool clothes, and since i'm the size of a teenager, so much more the better. i called them up, and they assured me clothes would be much appreciated. i took another pass through my bags of clothes and shoes, selected only the coolest of the bunch, and went on my way. when i got there, there were a bunch of teens hanging out, having lunch, curious about who i was. the person to whom i spoke came over, and was overjoyed when she started looking at what i brought: a baby blue pleather coat, clunky shoes, and other assorted moderately cool things. she mentioned that so many people drop off old sweatshirts, and she was happy to see i was thoughtful about my donation.

after this successful task, i set to researching where i can donate my scanner and printer, and found interconnection, a local spot that uses old technology for training purposes and also has a recycling program. hooray! perfect.

now i need to find a home for my desk.

back into circulation my stuff goes...


cj said...

Packing is weird. We just did it and then undid it and it is sorta strange to be out of Seattle. And possibly even stranger to be back in Texas. In the suburbs after Ballard is definitely strange....

Sounds like life is well - glad to read it. Let me know if you need any help on the TSP since i am supposed to be helping in some way i am sure - i hope to get to tune in to the OPAL event.

sarah said...

chris! so glad to hear from you. gosh. texas IS weird (and it was that way before you got there!). must be strange to be a stranger in a strange land.

life IS going well. and yes, we can always use your brain power for tsp. i'm glad you're still interested!