Sunday, May 28, 2006

goodbye #2

“that was a real goodbye, wasn’t it?” david remarked, after a lovely night with good friends crispin and jürg.

it was.

i felt the pull of a real goodbye, the recognition that we wouldn’t again share a lovely evening like that in seattle, at least not as inhabitants, but as visitors.

it was such a delightful evening. all of it, from joking about the 2 block walk i guaranteed to our dinner destination, to a student stopping david on the street and presenting a cd of his band, to our tired and foggy conversations as we sat in my living room, full of crepes and too much wine.

i loved it. we all did. crispin and jürg are dear friends whom i will miss, and am certain we'll soon welcome as visitors, and then hopefully in the future as neighbors. :)

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