Tuesday, May 09, 2006

based on what you've told us

i've been playing with pandora the past couple days, a ratings-driven personal radio station. it's fun and less than perfect, but has intuitive interaction and excellent copy. when i clicked the "why are you playing this?" link, i found out:

i haven't quite figured out how to include a little diversity in my musical choices, but it's fun exploring. not perfect, for sure. now it's playing kylie minogue! yow.


david silver said...

what about adding a zeppelin song, like something from physical graffiti?

sarah said...

yeah. that would definitely shift the type of music i'm listening to. since i posted about pandora, i've found out how to modulate the offerings, like providing artist or song examples. it's pretty cool. and it's fun to learn how others categorize the characteristics of music i like, and how leaning too far into something like a breathy female vocal, and not enough into prominent horns (something pandora told me i like), can lead to a song i hate.